Control Yours

Jan 19, 2011 No Comments

I Co-founded Control Yours with Chais Meyer – it’s a website development company that puts the control of the website back in the users hands.  The majority of our clients are small business’ that don’t have a whole lot of cash flow month to month…so our monthly service fee is a perfect fit.  We build semi-custom designed websites, create custom video tutorials, and educate them on how to make their company website the best it can be on the web.

We just launched a new re-design of our own website in 2010 and I this website is by far one of the most complex sites I’ve ever built.  It looks extremely simple on the outside but a lot goes into the behind-the-scenes functionality.  All of our clients have their own account page and each page is dynamic based on their credentials.  Our sign up form is extremely complex and works with a few different third party API’s so we are able to keep track of everything easily and monthly subscriptions automatically get billed out.  Of course this website is constantly being updated with new features etc.  This is a website for a web development company…so of course it needs to be top notch.  It’s been a lot of fun experimenting with look, feel, and functionality.

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