What’s Your Venture?

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Black Flags on the White Empress via http://kenart.net/whiteempress.htm

Black Flags on the White Empress via http://kenart.net/whiteempress.htm

Just for a second, think back to your childhood.  Back to the good ol’ days, when your only stress was combating boredom and convincing your parents to let you stay up just 15 minutes longer…Okay, you there?  Good.

Now, if your mind hasn’t been completely brainwashed by your adult life and all of it’s responsibilities and pressures, consider these questions while thinking back on your childhood:

  1. What got your blood pumping when you first woke up in the morning?
  2. What did you day dream about?
  3. Did you “have a plan” – something you couldn’t explain to anyone because it didn’t make sense logically (at least to them) but desperately wanted to pursue?
  4. Do you remember when you first learned how to ride a bike?  That incredible sense of freedom and overcoming fear?
  5. Did you have a ridiculous sense of optimism and bravery?

No doubt you’ve got a flurry of memories bouncing around in your brain right now…as do I.  You may not be able to relate to each of the questions above perfectly, but what I’m trying to help you see…and remember, is what we’ve lost.

I still feel young at heart (I’m only 29 years old) but already feel a sense of loss.  Have I gained knowledge over the years, new skills, etc.?  Yes, of course.  But I also feel as though I’ve lost something critical.  The mind I had as a child.  The careless and free-spirited energy I once was.

Life is a progression of course and I’m not trying to be negative.  I realize we go in and out of stages and we’re constantly building upon our experiences, but I just feel as though I (we) needed a reminder.  A reminder to seek after our own ventures without too much planning, perfecting, and analyzing.  Be bold, charge forward, and never lose hope.

As we grow older, the stakes get higher (or so we think) and fear of failure grows exponentially.  We think to ourselves, “I can’t fail now”.  The secret lies in our ability to put fear in its proper place and go after our dreams.

So, what’s your venture?  Do you need some encouragement?  Tell me about it in the comments – I’d love to hear what excites you.

7 Responses to “What’s Your Venture?”

  1. Reply Eric Sorensen says:

    Nice post! Very thought provoking. I always wanted to drive rally car! Only problem is I am kinda conflicted. Ya see, I’m a risk adverse person which always kept me from pursuing the dream.

  2. Reply Liz Kittell says:

    Love the post came at a good time for me. I wanted to be lots of things -an artist, an actor, anything in fashion. The need for making money detoured me until recently. I finally have opened a little second hand clothing boutique online for stuff that I find. Oddly enough my little hobby makes me happier, less stressed, and much more willing to work on my day job stuff. Also takes away some of my fear when it comes to writing for various blogs.

  3. Reply David Lano says:

    @ Eric – Thanks! You totally should, I know you would be great at it. Maybe you could start investing in your rally car dream along side your “day job”? I know that’s probably easier said than done, but you should at least look into what steps it would take to start pursuing that dream. Make it happen!

    @ Liz – Thanks Liz, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Good for you in opening up your shop online – that’s great! I think part of the reason it’s less stressful and more enjoyable for you is their’s less pressure to be perfect. Especially if you consider it a “hobby” – it’s probably partially psychological but, being a “hobby” opens up the door for experimentation and makes the work feel more like fun.

  4. Reply Audee says:

    As I’m a designer, and have been designing for freelance projects it’s been a while and I keep dreaming to design a set of fonts. For now I have to be very patient to make it happen because I have to set some priorities and creating fonts would not be the top one.
    Maybe it’s better to prepare myself for it and learn about typography more now :)
    The learning part can be part of the process. At least it’s better do something than nothing at all :D

    Thank you for sharing the nice writing. It’s like a wake up call somehow!

    • Reply David Lano says:

      Audee, you should absolutely create a set of fonts! I’ve always been fascinated with typography, let me know when you have something to show – I’d love to take a look!

  5. Reply Audee says:

    Hi again David,

    I actually started it since last year but dunno when I can finish it :) ~ Here are some screenshots:
    http://bit.ly/14SG6sn and http://bit.ly/X5wDvp

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