Light Up The World

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I love this video from STUDIONE26. The symbolism of one’s light spreading to others can be interpreted in various ways, but regardless as to how you see or relate this to any one particular thing, I love the simplistic and quiet representation shown here.

My wife and I were talking the other day about how our words and actions can have an incredible impact on others – whether it be positive or negative. This reminded me how easily our overall demeanor can effect others. A simple smile or an encouraging word can sometimes be all it takes for someone to see the light of day.


Laura Nicosia directed me to this video, which has a similar (more direct) connotation on spreading light.

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  1. Reply Evan Riley says:

    Amazing Video, thanks for the post.

  2. Reply SiBurgess79 says:

    I just can’t stop smiling after watching the second video…it’s frickin awesome! Thanks for sharing David :-)

  3. Reply David Lano says:

    @SiBurgess79 – Yeah, it’s great! You’re welcome :)

  4. Reply Wilderness Programs for Teens says:

    Your Great! Your validated. Love to see a “SMILE” on your face!

    After being a parking lot attendant now he’s a photographer and got a happy ending…
    “It’s a wonderful life”

    Love the 2nd video! I feel validated!

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